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Checkpoint a hot spot for stolen ATV recovery

Ontario Provincial Police in North Bay recovered four stolen all-terrain vehicles while conducting roadside checks Thursday. The checks were being done on Hwy 11 at Sand Dam Hill. More information follows in the OPP release.

Why some people can't volunteer

The $10 fee the North Bay Police Service charges for criminal background checks discourages lower-income people from volunteering, says the executive director of the Volunteer Centre of the Blue Sky Region.

Hunters become prey

A couple of hunters became the prey early Friday morning when they were stopped for liquor violations at a R.I.D.E check in North Bay. While conducting a search of the pair's vehicle an inquisitive constable found a cache of illegal drugs.

What Lynne Bennett will do as mayor

Lynne Bennett has a vision for North Bay’s future, one she hopes to be able to put in place starting Nov. 11 if elected mayor.

Cop costs on way way up

Regulatory requirements, a return to pension premiums, and higher overall costs will likely mean a double-digit increase in the North Bay Police Services 2004 budget, police board chairman William Ferguson said Thursday.
Bake me a pie just as fast as you can

Bake me a pie just as fast as you can

Ann Dicker says she isn’t much good at hauling apples around. But Dicker played an important role this week for those who were taking apples and converting them into scrumptious pies.

Couple charged for allegedly arranging clients for teenagers

Prostitution does exist in North Bay, a city police detective says, even though there aren’t any hookers walking the streets.

Berrigan's pot thoughts

It will be back to "business as usual" for the North Bay Police Service in its enforcement of Canada’s marijuana laws, says police chief George Berrigan.

How this murder victim died

Alex Levesque died from blunt force trauma and close head injury, a forensic pathologist told the jury in the trial of Jason Richard Tessier.

Who has to boil their water and why

Thorne residents have been advised they now have to boil their water. Dr. Catharine Whiting, Medical Officer of Health for the North Bay and District Health Unit, issued a boil-water advisory Wednesday.