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Pea Pea Pea

Somehow the title ‘PPP’ (Public Private Partnerships) did not work for me. Pee Pee Pee would have the PC thinking this was not in good taste, akin to potty humour.

For Flag and Country

North Bay city council took two steps last week that stoked the fires of nationalism. In an unanimous voice they approved the placing of an Italian flag in Lee Park as requested by the Davedi Club.

To knee, or not to knee

To knee, or not to knee: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The pangs and pains of injuries and arthritis Or to take action with a surgeon against a sea of pain, And by opposing it, end it.

Missile Shields

Ever since we first began slinging rocks and shooting arrows at each other we have tried different defences against these weapons falling from space.

Forensic Audit

The numerous calls for a Forensic Audit at the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority are certainly an understandable reaction from citizens concerned about the financial mess.

Rule By Law

Mayor Vic breathed an audible sigh of relief Tuesday evening as the vote was taken on a new bylaw forbidding the feeding of birds in posted areas.


SHADSRUS Limited, (12300678 1/2 Ontario Inc) is pleased to announce that approval has been received from the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs for the following products to be manufactured in North Bay, Ontario: Lake Nipissing Shad Fish Attr


I watched with debated breath for the polls results to tell me who won the leaders’ debate Tuesday night.

Private Member’s Bill

Watching the televised council meeting and subsequent media - truly local television news- reports, I gathered that Councillor Maroosis intends to bring what sounds like a private member’s bill to council on Monday.


City council seemed to lose focus when discussing the proposed waste recycling plant two weeks ago.