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Health Care, Self Care

The ever-increasing cost of health care was certainly evident in past weeks as the Federal government and the Provincial governments promised to spend more dollars in an effort to shorten wait times and provide better health care for us all.

Thanksgiving Rooster

The year we ate Red, my pet rooster, for thanksgiving is right up there with the best of the neuroses that I have accumulated over the years.


I was propped up in bed reading Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls . Chichikov sat in the public house, wining and dining the upper crust of N., hoping to buy their dead souls. Sitting in a dark corner of the bar, was Deep Throat, my contact at City Hall.


When does incompetence become criminal? How far can incompetence go before someone blows the whistle and takes action, either through the courts or by other means? Webster defines incompetence as: (1) without adequate ability, knowledge, fitness; fai

Cuba Libra

As hurricane Ivan was approaching the island of Cuba, an American television reporter was interviewing people who had relatives living in Cuba.

Pride of Workmanship

I recently had occasion to witness a couple of examples of shoddy workmanship. In both cases, it was not tradesmen who did not have the experience or knowledge to do their work, but seemingly a carelessness or lack of pride in their work.

Otter Lake

Memo to Mayor and Council: Can you hold off on the proposed sale of Otter Lake property until you consider this possible scenario? In my February 29 column, “If I had a Million Dollars” I suggested that developing the Otter Lake property as a residen

Close Encounters

Brand loyalty, or even political loyalty, has no comparison to a man’s loyalty to his barber. I speak from the old school, those who get hair cuts. I freely profess to know nothing about the loyalty of those men who get their hair styled.

Bar Harbour Run Off

Too many years ago a group of us on motorcycles took a trip to the East coast, a trip on which we planned to use the ferry at Bar Harbour, Maine to take us to Nova Scotia.

In transition

Mayor Vic’s new way of doing business paid a big dividend last week when he found a way to provide free bus passes for a year to veterans of WWII and the Korean War.