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The Digital Age has brought us to a new level of multi-tasking that supposedly improves how we act and react in the social milieu of the present age.

Resolutions Intact

More than a week into 2005 and no resolutions broken! In the annual attempt to clean up my lifestyle, improve my health and do much better at any given number of things, I made a list of resolutions.

Same Sex and Sharia

The current discussions in parliament on same-sex marriage rights and in Ontario, Sharia Law, vis à vis the Charter of Rights is charting a new and challenging course for liberal and fair-minded Canadians.

Predictions 2005

I reviewed my 2004 predictions last week and got a mixed report card. Being only somewhat the wiser, my tongue firmly placed in the other cheek, here I go for 2005. I predicted property taxes would come in at 7.

Here’s a Grant – Merry Christmas

In his first year in office review, Mayor Fedeli listed among council’s many accomplishments the securing of a $50,000 grant to study the feasibility of wind power electricity generation for North Bay.

Iraqi Election

Prime Minister Paul Martin has generously offered George Bush to send Canadian officials to Iraq to assist in monitoring the January election. Whoa Paul, let us think about this for a minute.

Bring back the Bomarcs

Dear Mr George Bush: We folk in North Bay have a great deal for you! We've been following your country's Missile Defensive Initiative for some time now and we just realized there is a precedent for being a partner with you in your effort to secure th

Fundamentally wrong

The recent successful appeal to the right-wing Christian fundamentalists in the United States election brings to the fore the question of the role of religion in politics.

Our winter birds

The small flock of American Goldfinches (spinus tristis) that have been eating about $10 worth of niger seeds a week at my feeders have finally departed.

Report Card – Year One

City council has been in office for almost a year so it is time for their annual report card. It has been a busy year, marked by a few controversies, some squabbles as old and new councillors settled into their roles.