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Spring Breakup

The spring breakup has begun along the shores of on Lake Nipissing.

Small Expectations

A recent informal poll of readers indicated that a majority of respondents thought that North Bay council did not do enough to reduce taxes during the budget process.

Hitler’s Apples

Adolf Hitler was so consumed by a passion to purify the Arayan race that he not only tried to exterminate other races, but had his scientists working on genetic engineering for the same goal.

If I Had a Million Dollars…

The on-going kafuffle over whether we should have a casino in our area reminded me of the song by the Bare Naked Ladies, ‘If I Had a Million Dollars’.

Blood Oil

“Blood” diamonds, those clear carbonaceous crystals mined in countries where the sale of diamonds supports revolution, exploitation of the poor and racial / religious conflicts have become non-gratis in the circles of those wealthy enough to wear spa

The City State: Part three of three

City State: Part three of three (Parts one & two may be viewed in the archives.

The City State: Part two of three

The City State Part II of III (This is a follow-up of last Sunday’s column – an airing of thoughts on tax reform.) Whenever I get to whining about government, my wife quotes me Classical references – this time Plato and the Greek City State.

Fishy Words

Being known to have tossed a few lures into northern Ontario waters, I thought I should be checking out the fishing in Florida. I’ve seen too many bass shows where they haul huge largemouth bass from the swamps not to want to try it here.

It’s a Small World

So there we were, standing in a hockey arena where the EverBlades play a version of our Canadian game to watch the Spanish Riding Club and their Austrian Lipizzaner Stallions, singing the American National Anthem.


Luke Skywalker was the daring young man in Star Wars who took on the Evil Empire, zipping about in space, destroying the bad guys and bringing peace to his world.