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Roundup Ready Dandelions

In a five to four split decision, our Supreme Court decided that industry giant Monsanto could hold a patent on a gene they developed for Canola.

How to vote

With the announcement of the federal election on June 28, I again face the quandary of how to vote.

Hot Stove League

Some old-timers will remember the Hot Stove League – that spirited discussion group who, sitting around a metaphorical wood stove, analyzed the NHL games between periods when it was broadcast on radio.

Good Fences

It was reassuring to see council taking special care of a few of the smaller aspects of running the City last week.

Curve Balls

Former fastball pitcher, East Ferris Mayor Bill Vrebosch, should have known better when he went to bat for the South Nipissing Team against the polished team of the North Bay mayor and council.

Doing the Math

The Near North District School Board is having a small problem meeting one of its debts.

Half a deck

The day before Good Friday the television news from Iraq showed an American Army Captain wondering why the Iraqis had shot at them, killing one of his soldiers. After all, they had been doing many good works in the community.

The money lists

The annual money lists have been published and once more we get to see how much some public figures made in the past year. And to compare it to what we made over the last 12 months.

Recalling Cars

The news that Toyota has replaced Ford as number two in cars sales in the US made only a small ripple in the business section of most newspapers.


Ah spring! A time when lambs and calves gambol about the greening pastures, kicking their heels in the air, full of the joy of living. Even the old Nellie, the horse, perhaps aroused by the sun’s warming rays, will take a romp around the corral.