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Weapons sent for mass destruction

Weapons sent for mass destruction

Sgt. Rick Dubeau isn't demonstrating the latest advance in baseball bats in this photo.

Why there will be lots of Grits at Memorial Gardens March 6 (updated)

The new Nipissing-Timiskaming Federal Liberal Riding Association will hold its candidate nomination meeting March 6 at Memorial Gardens, and use a preferential ballot to decide the winner.

Hwy 11 fatal accident (Updated)

Members of the Bracebridge Ontario Provincial Police are currently investigating a fatal two-vehicle collision that has left five people dead. OPP officers responded to the crash on Hwy 11 near Luigi Rd in Gravenhurst shortly after 4 p.m. today.

Fatal accident Hwy 11 northbound (Gravenhurst area)

A fatal accident has occurred on Hwy 11 North in the Gravenhurst area. Ontario Provincial Police believe there are multiple fatalities but few details are available.

Don't throw those batteries away!

Dan DeMarco, Whitney Croskery, and Joe Ammerata, of St. Joseph - Scollard Hall, are collecting batteries for the Used Household Battery Competition. St. Joseph-Scollard Hall won last year's competition by collecting 1,956 pounds of batteries.
Hall together now <b>Updated</b>

Hall together now Updated

Carmel Lucenti didn’t particularly understand or like rock music, his son Terry says, but he knew the best way to play it.

Jack Pine Hill for sale?

Jack Pine Hill could be on the sales block, despite assurances to the contrary from deputy mayor Peter Chirico. The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority, which owns and runs the hill, has a $3.

No attack, so charges laid

A North Bay woman who complained to police she'd been attacked by a stranger who had forced his way into her home has been charged in connection to the complaint. Det. Cst.

Sled safely, SAVE team says

Here is the latest information on the OPP SAVE team.

Blood donor clinic results

Here are the results of Thursday's blood donor clinic in North Bay, supplied by Canadian Blood Services in Sudbury: Number of units collected: 133 units Daily quota: 175 units Two-day donor clinic results: Number of units: 296 units Two-day quota: 35