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Penny Wise

Motherly Love in the Workplace

As a tribute to Mother’s Day, I wanted to share what I have learned about how men in positions of power are eager to learn the vocal strategies women have been using for years.

A Pat on the Back Pays Huge Dividends

Recognition is the most powerful human motivator in the workplace. It costs nothing, and pays back huge dividends. Many people think that money and perks are the best motivator, but money often gets applied to bills, and perks quickly forgotten.

Set Boundaries and Be Rich

How would you like to be more powerful and efficient, and to have people take you more seriously when you ask for something to be done? How would you like to introduce an employee or helper to a set of tasks, and have them take responsibility for get

Be Grateful and Be Rich

It’s been a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m elated to look out over hundreds of miles of red, orange and yellow forests.

Accept Others and Be Rich

In the workplace, judgment of others often leads to disharmony because people expect others to behave, speak or interact in a certain way.

Honouring a Leader

We lost one of the world’s great human beings, July 16th, 2012. Stephen Covey’s impact on the world is said to be “incalculable” and his influence will continue to touch the lives of millions of people for many years.

Be Still and Be Rich

As summer sets in, we all seek more relaxation, time outdoors, and peace in our days. However, the reality is that it’s difficult to mentally shut ourselves off in the digital age.

'Clear Out' and Be Rich

Last month I wrote about the power of vision. If the first step to getting to where you're going in your personal life and career is visualizing that place, what's the next step? Take action! Taking action is a logical next step.

The Power of Vision

The Power of Vision Are you familiar with the concept of a "vision board"? A vision board is a visual space upon which you can post pictures of what you want to attract into your life.

Respectful Communication in an Electronic Era

“Penny, can you help our organization? We need some training in ‘respectful communication’. It seems that our group has been challenged by something that has been said or written in an e-mail.