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Penny Wise

Time to Get a Life

“Hey Penny,” said Monique energetically as she greeted me at the after-hours business networking event. “Aren’t you chipper today!” I replied, almost envying her energy level at the end of a busy work day.

Invest In Yourself

“The only investment that will pay you for a lifetime is the investment you make in yourself.” Recently, I attended a huge convention in Las Vegas. The quote above, spoken during the convention, resonated with me on a personal and professional level.

The Riches of Life

Are you rich in all the ways that really matter? The secret to riches exists in the relationships we keep with ourselves, and with others, in our personal and professional lives.

Follow the Leader

Last month we recognized how we can increase our own leadership ability by making the choice to be influential, regardless of our position in an organization. For this month’s edition, I promised to write about how to develop leaders around you.

Are You a Leader?

Are you a leader? Leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less. You, and everyone in your company, have a certain degree of influence, and you do not need to be in a position of authority to exercise it.

Honour Our Potential Everyday

Honour Our Potential Everyday "Paddles up; paddles in the water; take it away!" the steersmen shout, spurring the Warriors of Hope Dragon Boat Team as they begin a race toward the finish line.

Feed Me Feedback – Part 2

It takes GUTS to give feedback, and a QTIP to receive it. What do I mean by this? Giving and receiving feedback effectively is a top-rated leadership skill, yet when people hear the word feedback, they often relate it to criticism.

Taking Back Your Power

A woman spoke of her terrible childhood to a psychologist, to which the doctor replied, “That’s just ‘so what’.

Humility In The Workplace

Humility is to be equal to others; not above or below them. Humility is also to be compassionate, patient, calm and to recognize that you are a part of the force that created all things. Humble people may be more grounded in their lives than others.


Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word... In the dictionary, honesty is defined as truthfulness and fairness, not cheating and stealing, yet in the workplace honesty does not just concern lying, stealing or cheating.