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Penny Wise


Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word... In the dictionary, honesty is defined as truthfulness and fairness, not cheating and stealing, yet in the workplace honesty does not just concern lying, stealing or cheating.

Do You Have A Personal Development Plan?

I have always said that people spend more time planning a vacation than they spend planning their whole life.

Master Your Emotions

Wouldn't it be helpful in our workplace and customer relationships if we handled all situations and circumstances objectively (considering the facts) versus subjectively (with emotional ties)? We could improve teamwork, staff motivation, employee eng

Do You Talk Too Much?

Excessive talking is often considered a character flaw.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Take a few minutes to consider the following: if you were to “kick the bucket” today – to pass away, as the catchphrase implies – how would you live the final moments of your life? What actions and purpose would your Bucket List consist of? How about

Step #1 to Workplace Relations

Success is all about relationships, yet the most earthly relationship that we can cultivate, is the relationship with ourselves.

Staying Optimistic in Tough Times

The financial forecasts say we are bouncing back from the 2009 economic downturn.

Three A's For Mastering Conflict Conversations

Recently I was asked how one could approach their boss to communicate disagreement in their leadership skills and plans for the organization.

Resolutions that Stick

A new year brings new beginnings, and many of us are thinking of how we will improve our lives in 2010. We make New Year Resolutions, yet we don't always experience them resolved. We get off track, and don't get back on.

It’s the Season For Gratitude

Gratitude is magic, it's free or costs very little, and it has incredible results on business relationships because it reaches people on a deep emotional level; one that they will not easily forget.