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Fire fighters concerned about staffing reduction

The North Bay Fire Department’s “sudden” decision to reduce staffing levels during summer months will hamper the department’s response capabilities and result in unnecessary health and safety risks to personnel and the public, says Robb Roy, presiden

McDonald spreading "misinformation," Rota says

Anthony Rota held a news conference at his campaign headquarters today.

Rota claims misinformation, Al claims crass politics

Nipissing-Timiskaming Liberal Anthony Rota says his Conservative opponent Al McDonald has been spreading misinformation and attacking retired Nipissing MP Bob Wood while he is out of the country.

North Bay fishing program will kick bass, exec producer says UPDATED

Angelo Viola, the executive producer of The Big Cull, provides details of the new program at a news conference at North Bay city hall. His brother Reno stands to his right.

Recovered property still unclaimed

Are you missing some pictures from Wawa? Does a video tape labelled 'Lisa & Mum Ireland 2003' mean anything to you? If so, contact the North Bay Police Service.

"This deal is a disaster," Fedeli says

A deal to save CFB North Bay based on a letter of understanding signed in 1998 would be “a disaster” for the city, says Mayor Vic Fedeli.

Harper's policies "worry" Rota

Nipissing-Timiskaming Liberal candidate Anthony Rota says the recently expressed military policies of Conservative leader Stephen Harper “worry” him.
<b>Triplets born in North Bay (UPDATED)</b>

Triplets born in North Bay (UPDATED)

Lise and Brian Boldt and their son MacKenzie welcomed triplets into the world last week.
<b>Base letter of understanding "a disaster," Fedeli says</b>

Base letter of understanding "a disaster," Fedeli says

A letter of understanding signed in 1998 between the Department of National Defence and the city of North Bay is "a disaster," North Bay Mayor Vic Fedeli says.

Use SAGE to overcome food shortage locally, city woman says

Converting North Bay’s underground facility into a hydroponics growing operation could help stave off food shortages, city resident Val Chadbourne says.