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What Lynne Bennett thinks about ABC pay

Agencies, boards and commissions should decide whether to pay their appointees rather than city council, Deputy Mayor Lynne Bennett says.

Vic wants the big hole in the ground for North Bay

North Bay's big hole in the ground would be perfect for worldwide data storage, Vic Fedeli says, and the mayoral candidate would try to obtain it for the city if elected.

Hero says anyone else would have done the same

Martin Johnson is a modest hero. The North Bay man was honoured at Monday night’s city council meeting for bravery because he saved a woman during a fire Aug. 22 at the Edgewater Apartments, 365 Lakeshore Road.

Why Brian Tutton went to council

Pinewood Park Drive can't continue to flourish and be developed without sewers, a businessman in the area told North Bay council Monday night.
Local residents have star power

Local residents have star power

Harriet Madigan and Wanda Wallace have star power. The two North Bay women received the Northgate Shopping Centre’s Community Builders Award Monday.

Momma Poon's choice for mayor

Kitty Lee knows what's cooking in the kitchen, and she also thinks she knows who'll cook as North Bay's next mayor.
Inventor spurns burns with red-hot invention

Inventor spurns burns with red-hot invention

Troy Hurtubise heats a fire paste tile. Photo by Phil Novak, Troy Hurtubise says he doesn’t feel the heat, even with a 2000° C blowtorch flame blazing at his head.
Blanket coverage of quilt auction (lots of pix)

Blanket coverage of quilt auction (lots of pix)

There was a Big Cover Up going on at the Schutz Garden Centre in North Bay Saturday night, and that's just what the organizers of the quilt show and auction wanted.

More of what Vic wants to do

Mayoral candidate Vic Fedeli will unveil more details of his 2020 Vision Plan when he opens his campaign office 4 p.m. Monday on Fisher Street across from the former hydro building.

Election coverage: We brought issues to election

Rev. Terry O'Connor admits his run at the Nipissing riding appeared to be a longshot. But as the New Democratic Party candidate got more involved in the Ontario election campaign, he started having second thoughts.