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What Vic would do to attract development

North Bay’s industrial park is the key to economic development in the city, mayoral candidate Vic Fedeli says.

No fire insurance, everything lost

Joanne and Tim Brander have only known Mark and Debby Campbell a year or so. But when the Campbell’s Bonfield home burned down Friday, Oct. 3, the Branders acted as if all four had been lifelong friends.

Jail house candidate runs 'grass' roots campaign

Michel Ethier wants to be the next mayor of West Nipissing, but his incarceration may make it a tad difficult for him to campaign.

One of their own being investigated

The Ontario Provincial Police has charged a 27-year-old Temiskaming detachment constable with sexual assault and criminal harassment. Michael Potter was charged Friday night after a 21-year-old woman filed a stalking complaint.
North Bay waterfront, Oct. 11, 3:25 p.m.

North Bay waterfront, Oct. 11, 3:25 p.m.

Summer returned to North Bay Saturday, perhaps for one final hurrah before yielding to Old Man Winter. The temperature was warm enough to break a 42-year-old weather record, with the mercury hitting 23.7 degrees Celsius.

Verdict in fatal hit and run postponed

North Bay Crown attorney John Holland has recommended Michael Phillips be sentenced to five to six years in prison for the hit and run death two years ago of Keven Borden.

Checkpoint a hot spot for stolen ATV recovery

Ontario Provincial Police in North Bay recovered four stolen all-terrain vehicles while conducting roadside checks Thursday. The checks were being done on Hwy 11 at Sand Dam Hill. More information follows in the OPP release.

Why some people can't volunteer

The $10 fee the North Bay Police Service charges for criminal background checks discourages lower-income people from volunteering, says the executive director of the Volunteer Centre of the Blue Sky Region.

Hunters become prey

A couple of hunters became the prey early Friday morning when they were stopped for liquor violations at a R.I.D.E check in North Bay. While conducting a search of the pair's vehicle an inquisitive constable found a cache of illegal drugs.

What Lynne Bennett will do as mayor

Lynne Bennett has a vision for North Bay’s future, one she hopes to be able to put in place starting Nov. 11 if elected mayor.