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Belinda coming to North Bay

Belinda Stronach, who wants to become leader of the new Conservative Party, will be in North Bay next Wednesday for a breakfast meeting between 7 and 9 a.m. at the Clarion Resort-Pinewood Park. will have more details within the hour.

North Bay votes to determine fate of TV program

A national television network is seeking the help of North Bay residents to rate a new television program. Results of the ratings will be used by the network to determine what it does with the program.

Residents invited to purchase surplus lots

Murray Neil (l)and Marc Sevigny asked council Tuesday night to reconsider selling five surplus lots close to their homes.

Landlord asks for expensive bus route to be retained in limited form

North Bay council has been asked to save a bus route it is considering cutting, one which costs the city $80,000 a year to shuttle only eight passengers.

Go to DSSAB, Social Planning Council told

The North Bay and Area Social Planning Council will receive its budget request, but not through city council, executive director Lynn Ann Lauriault was told at a public budget session Tuesday night.

Canadore strike possible

Faculty at Canadore College and Ontario's 23 other community colleges have set a strike deadline of March 3 after voting Tuesday almost 75 per cent in favour of strike action.
Tiered tax policies "unfair," budget chief says

Tiered tax policies "unfair," budget chief says

Deputy mayor and budget chief Peter Chirico says he opposes a special tax area for people who don’t receive the same services as others elsewhere in North Bay.
Kotsopoulos fighting for collective agreements

Kotsopoulos fighting for collective agreements

Provincial Bill 8 could affect the collective agreements of hospital workers and threaten their wages and benefits, paramedic Bill Kotsopoulos says.

Feet to the fire

City staff members spent “hundreds of hours” each trying to reduce a 12.5 tax increase and have managed to bring the city budget down “by some $2.1 million,” deputy mayor Peter Chirico said at Monday night’s committee meeting of council.

Five short paragraphs about city council

A buck and bag and paid parking at Memorial Gardens and the Aquatic Centre are gone for now, but they'll likely be revisited in the future.