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Yup, Rota rolled to victory say official results

Aspin showed strength south of the city
2015 10 8 Rota, Aspin, Jodouin, Peltier at Chippewa turl
The four candidates at a candidates debate at Chippewa. Photo by Jeff Turl.

The official voting results for the 42nd federal general election were released today, and they show just how dominant Liberal Anthony Rota's win was.

The official voting results include the number of votes cast for each candidate, the number of rejected ballots and the number of names on the final lists of electors.

It shows that Rota won almost all of the 206 polls, with most of Conservative Jay Aspin's strength south of North Bay in the Powassan, North Himsworth, Nipissing area.

See them here: Poll by poll results

Final results show:

  • Liberal Anthony Rota 25,357 or 51.9%
  • Conservative Jay Aspin 14,325 or 29.3%
  • NDP Kathleen Jodouin 7,936 or 16.2%
  • Green Nicole Peltier 1,257 or 2.6%
  • Rejected 224


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