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All Cassellholme staff now vaccinated. Five staff on unpaid leave

The reluctant workers haven't been fired emphasized the CEO
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Cassellholme. Jeff Turl/BayToday

Cassellholme CEO Jamie Lowery says all Cassellholme staff reporting for work have now been vaccinated, with only a handful put on unpaid leave for refusing the jab.

"It could be five staff that have chosen not to get vaccintated," Lowery told a recent Cassellholme board meeting.

"That's a pretty good ratio considering there is like, three hundred and 40 odd staff."

The un-vaccinated are also the unpaid.

"If I'm not mistaken they can't collect EI either," Lowery told board members. "That's not a valid reason to be out of work and apply for unemployment insurance."

The reluctant workers haven't been fired emphasized the CEO.

"They haven't been fired but they are on approved leave of absence."

Lowery says the collective agreement has to be followed.

"Just because they didn't comply, we can't terminate employees. They go on a leave and it's up to two years and then at that point the collective agreement still applies in these kinds of situations. So you can't just arbitrarily do that. You didn't get a vaccine and you're fired."