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Northern Zen Cannabis

A Cannabis Dispensary in North bay

Northern Zen Cannabis is a Ontario Authorized legal recreational cannabis store

Owner: Zachary Lacelle

As the owner/operator at Northern Zen Cannabis I have worked very hard to become part of the cannabis industry. Funny story which I'll keep short... Since 2014 I had started working on a business plan to open a licence producing facility. Before legalization the rules around a facility were very strict so I stopped. After the liberal party legalized cannabis they opened the doors to micro-cultivators. This got be back into the plan which I had finished up in 2018. I needed a quality assurance cannabis certificate to operate and with the help of Nipissing First Nation I was able to secure a certificate in 2019. While attending school Nipissing First Nation had been opening up to the idea of cannabis stores. So weeks after finishing my schooling the Ontario government announced they would allow stores on First Nations. Only 8 owners would be part of Ontario's second lottery. I figured I had come this far and may as well apply for an Ontario licence which I was lucky enough to be one of the first 8 people. Since becoming a licence operator as of November 6th 2019 myself as a contractor started to construct my new store front. We are now in an open market which has allowed more stores to open in the area, but I would like to give thanks to Nipissing First Nation and all the people who have helped also to the future supporters of my new business. 

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