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Cheerful Charlie's Cannabis Co.

Welcome to Cheerful Charlie's Cannabis Co., located just minutes outside of North Bay on the Nipissing First Nation's Reserve. We are a passionate group of individuals who were awarded a cannabis retail store license in Ontario as part of the second wave of lottery system winners. Our goal is to bring you a cheerful experience and a wide selection of cannabis products to our community.

While we acknowledge that we are not the only cannabis retailer in town, we strive to be the best. Our dedication and hard work to make our dream a reality do not end once we open our doors; it is just the beginning. We are committed to creating a welcoming, professional, and laid-back atmosphere where customers can enjoy their visit not only for the cannabis products but also for the chance to see familiar faces and be a part of something truly local.

In addition to Cheerful Charlie's Cannabis Co., we are also proud to present Arrowhead Gas Bar, known for being one of the only full-service gas bars in the area. At Arrowhead, you can conveniently grab your fuel, convenience, native crafts and much much more without ever leaving your vehicle.


Our People