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The human side of business

We get so caught up in the chase for profit that we often forget why we got into business in the first place...

We get so caught up in the chase for profit that we often forget why we got into business in the first place.

Hopefully we entered into business as an entrepreneur or employee, because we wanted to help solve a problem for our customer. Yet many have lost track of the customer and instead focus their attention on the bottom line. This is not a win/win situation. It’s win/lose. You win and the customer loses. Or You win and the employee looses, or vice-versa. How long do you expect that model to work? For rich relationships to last, everyone has to be growing or gaining, or … they’re dying.  Click here to check out my new video.

How Do We Touch the Human Side of Customers and Employees?

Let them know you care about them as a person or thought of them; … sales flyers or promotional ads just don’t pack that emotional deposit.

You see, people are creatures of emotion, fueled by pride and vanity. When we feed their emotions, they feel good.

You’ve heard that people won’t necessarily remember what you’ve told them or done for them, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel … Good or bad. Well then, what if you spent 80% of your marketing efforts making people feel good? The human side of your business would grow rich, and so would you!

Touching someone’s emotional side means recognizing them as a person first and a business associate second. Listen, we live in an era of instant gratification. Increase your client and employee retention and gain referrals simply by acknowledging and appreciating the human side of your consumers immediately.

What are you doing to follow up and show gratitude to your customers and staff?

It’s been predicted and proven that successful businesses of today need both a “high tech and high touch approach.”

I have that system … its high tech – and high touch. I’ll share it with you today as a courtesy because YOU matter to me, and the human side of your business does too. Your bottom line will be abundant – trust me. Call me, I’m happy to help...(705) 358-3396.

Because your greatest leadership day... is with Penny Tremblay.


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