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Step #1 to Workplace Relations

Success is all about relationships, yet the most earthly relationship that we can cultivate, is the relationship with ourselves.
Success is all about relationships, yet the most earthly relationship that we can cultivate, is the relationship with ourselves.

How can you expect people in the workplace to like and respect you if you don't like and respect yourself? You may think you like and respect yourself to a great degree already, but check through this list, it may surprise you.

1. Do you have a positive self-image?
2. Do you feel good about how you are fulfilling the role that you have in your workplace?
3. Do you have confidence in your abilities?
4. Are you aware of your strengths and your weaknesses?
5. Are you working toward becoming the best version of yourself?

The first step toward relationship excellence is the value we place upon ourselves. In order for people to think of you before anyone else (for sales, referrals, task delegation, and advancement opportunities) they need to know you, like you and trust you. It’s that simple. Three words, know, like and trust.

To the degree that you know, like and trust yourself, you will receive the same from others. You don’t need to feel perfect, let’s face it; we all have strengths and weaknesses. You will benefit with confidence in who you are, your appearance, that you are on the right path, skilled to fulfill your role, and on a mission toward improving regularly.

If you don’t feel positive about yourself, unsure of whom you are, lack confidence in your ability to accomplish your role and are troubled with making progress, then you probably have a tendency to be noticing these weaknesses in others. We see others as a reflection of our own feeling towards ourselves.

Here is how to make a shift. Ignite the fire within you. Inside each and every one of us burns an ember to become better than we are. When we fan this flame and feed this fire with constant self improvement we become more passionate, more creative, and find more meaning in what we do.

If you don’t currently have a positive self image, then turn those thoughts around by thinking of respect and admiration for yourself.* If it seems impossible, put a plan together to make it possible. Perhaps you may need to start a health or fitness program, maybe start treating yourself like a fine vessel that deserves the best food, fitness, rest and self worship. Perhaps you may need to seek the help of a coach or counsellor. Make time to meet your own needs. When you honour yourself, others will mirror your behaviour.

If you don’t currently feel positive about your role in the workplace, then ask yourself or a colleague what it would take to be (feel) confident in your abilities. Then set up a program, get on track, and start making progress in your life. Even baby steps, constantly, will help you feel great about yourself. Eventually, you will have reached the distance that you may have originally thought was out of reach.

In a recent survey it was surprising to see that respondents suggested more interest in learning to lead others rather than learning to lead themselves. Lack of personal leadership holds people back from creating great relationships, which are the key to success in any business venture. When we know who we truly are, we like ourselves, and we trust that we are doing our personal best getting better each day; we can only then begin to create great relationships with those around us.

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