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North Bay Congratulations and Thank Yous


RESCUED TREASURES by All Heart Pet Rescue

All Heart Pet Rescue's new thrift shop is opening at 10 AM on December 9th. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the rescue of pets that need help. 510 Main Street in Powassan, ON.

A unique “thank you” or “happy bday”

THANK YOU We can all think if that special someone who is always there for us, or maybe just someone who has been a positive influence in our lives in one way or another that deserves recognition.

Happy 80th Birthday!

My Dad, William E. White turns 80 on September 8, 2021! He has lived his entire life in North Bay! If you see him today, please wish him a Happy Birthday!

Thank You from Zachary Sawyer’s family,

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to our family, relatives and friends, having your support helped us through this difficult time. Thank you for flowers and your contributions towards

Thank you to everyone who donated electronics

Thank you to all the individuals who donated electronics for the ERA scholarship opportunity. A special thanks to the business' who donated: Steve at KD Recycling Steve at Vianet John at ITSN

TRUST IN THE LORD not wo/man

The LORD loves ALL his CHILDREN, as you are without blemish as you are CHILDREN.


Happy Birthday to our DAD Thomas (Tom) Besner The most amazing DAD ever, from your Son, and Daughter Thomas (Tommy) Besner and Shelly Sheppard/Besner Thank you for all you TAUGHT US DAD.