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Fedeli takes early lead over NDP Lougheed

CBC has predicted a PC majority government.

PC Vic Fedeli has a 661 vote lead over Erika Lougheed after eight per cent of votes counted. Liberal Tanya Vrebosch trails in third.

Sean McClocklin of the Greens is in fourth. Fedeli has 52 per cent of the votes.

CBC has predicted a PC majority government. NDP official opposition.

See real-time results here.

There are 64,018 registered voters in Nipissing.

Vic Fedeli PCP 4,042

Erika Lougheed NDP 2,442

Tanya Vrebosch Lib 1,073

Sean McClocklin Green 299

Joe Jobin ONP 220

Russel Taylor NBO 141

Michelle Lashbrook LTN 93

Giacomo Vezina NAP 34