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Fedeli's fourth campaign win has been a memorable one

"I really felt strong, it was not like any other election I have ever run." 
2022 06 02 Vic and Patty Fedeli
Vic and Patty Fedeli are welcomed by a loud crowd at the Davedi Club Thursday night. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

It was a small crowd but an excited one that welcomed Vic Fedeli for his fourth term as MPP of Nipissing at the Davedi Club just before 10 p.m. Thursday.

"I am excited to be re-elected with such a strong mandate again, I am thrilled for our colleagues, very strong for what appears to be a very strong seat count," said Fedeli in a media scrum. 

"I know we are the party that is going to rebuild Ontario and people know us and trust us to do exactly that and that is why they elected us."  

Through 70 of the 72 polls, Fedeli held 50.5 per cent of the popular vote well ahead of local NDP candidate Erica Lougheed who finished with 28 per cent. 

Fedeli noted he could not go into a fourth term as MPP and two terms as Mayor of North Bay without his supportive wife Patty. 

"We both know the job that I really want to do, we could not do over the past two years of COVID-19, I am the trade minister of Ontario for heaven's sake and I could not leave the country yet we were able to do $20 billion-plus in trade this last year alone all online," recalls Fedeli. 

Fedeli would not comment on whether or not he will continue that role in the Caucus. 

"I will fill any role the Premier needs me," said Fedeli. 

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Fedeli noted that this has been his favourite campaign to run. 

"I had so much fun going door to door," he admitted. 

"Other elections he was always tense about it, 'what are you going to hear, what are people going to say,' this one I cannot tell you. I loved going door to door and people were so engaged at the door. We talked, it was a very different campaign," he said. 

"I really felt strong, it was not like any other election I have ever run." 

Fedeli would not say whether this will be his final term. 

"I am just a young 66-year-old northern boy who has got a lot of time ahead of him to work hard."