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Weed Man prides itself in being locally owned and operated

Company strives to be a good community partner

Operating a business in a community and actually being part of that community are two very different things.

Some business owners can parachute in, reap the financial rewards of conducting commerce, but come closing time their presence in the community is rarely felt. That’s not only a missed opportunity, it’s a short-sighted way to conduct business if you’re hoping to stay solvent well into the future.

For the owners of the local Weed Man franchise, being part of the fabric of the community of North Bay is equally as important as offering the best possible care for your lawns.

“Everyone employed by Weed Man in North Bay works here, lives here, raises their family here, and spends their money here to support other businesses,” said Mitch Gammon, General Manager of the local Weed Man in North Bay. “Other services like ours may come set up here, but we’re fully committed to North Bay. It’s why we continue to support and donate to local community causes.”

For over 50 years, Weed Man has been one of the most recognized names in the lawn care business across North America. According to Gammon, the company uses proprietary golf-course quality products relying on slow-release technology that generates proven results. “The quality of our Weed Man products, technology, and services keeps our customers in coming back year after year,” he added. “

With the relatively minor winter now behind us, homeowners are now switching their focus from their snow-covered driveways to their weed-covered lawns. A mild spring could see weeds becoming a problem even earlier this year, which is why it’s important to book your package with Weed Man early.

“In the coming weeks dandelions are going to be popping up like crazy along with creeping charlie,” said Gammon. “One of the slogans we use is ‘promised kept.’ With us, you’re guaranteed to get results. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’re going to come back and reapply products with no questions asked.”

To enjoy the full benefits of Weed Man services, Gammon says it’s best to sign up for a full season of treatment rather than booking a one-off application. The reason for this is because Weed Man products work together to both fertilize your lawn and inspire healthy growth to fighting the weeds that can quickly take over your lawn if not dealt with in the spring. The first step to that program is feeding fertilizer to both your lawn and to the weeds sharing the space.

“The reason we want to do the fertilizer first is because we want everything to grow including the weeds,” he said. “I know that sounds funny but it’s because our products work on contact. It needs to b able to contact the weed in order to control the weed. We want the weed to be as big as possible when we come back. Our product is a contact herbicide. It controls the weed and then they start to wither away.”

According to Gammon, Weed Man trucks are going to be rolling in the next three to four weeks. If you sign up for a package now you will receive 50 percent off the first treatment if you sign up and book by May 30th

To request your free lawn care quote or book your season-long lawn care program, visit Weed Man online here.