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Upgrade to triple pane windows and improve home comfort

Northwood offering a spring special on quality windows

As a homeowner with an older home, there comes a time when you have to invest in your property to maintain not only its value but its efficiency as well.

For example, if you’re living in a home that still sports single-pane windows you’re wasting anywhere from $100 to $600 per year in energy costs depending on the local climate. Single-pane windows are the least energy-efficient, as most contain clear glass with no coating.

Upgrading to double and triple-pane windows has an immediate impact in terms of insulation features, soundproofing, improved security, and improved equity in your home. They are also more durable than single-pane windows which can be difficult and expensive to repair given their near-obsolescence in today’s new home construction.

Windows rarely go down in price, so making the switch can require significant investment. That’s a primary reason why Northwood Window and Door Centre is offering customers a spring opportunity to get exceptional value and superior quality windows for your home.

“Right now through the end of May we’re offering 25 percent off going up to triple-glaze and we’re holding last year’s prices,” said Andrew Walton, co-owner of family-owned and operated Northwood Window and Door Centre. “They offer better comfort with exceptional insulation features and soundproofing. Price isn’t always the best measure. These are quality products that will have a major impact on your home.”

According to Walton, upgrading your windows is about more than just the obvious impact on the efficiency of heating and cooling your home.

“The energy savings go without saying. The bigger component is really home comfort. Having glass-on-glass sliders in a four-by-four space is the equivalent of having a two-foot hole in your wall. How much do you have to jack the heat in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer to compensate for the energy loss? You can really control the climate in your home when you put in new windows. That leads to better home comfort.”

The move to double and triple glaze has an immediate and significant impact on the efficiency of your home. According to Walton, old single-pane windows provide an R-value (thermal resistance) of less than one. If you upgrade to a double-pane window you improve your home’s R-value to two-and-a-half. With triple-pane that rating climbs to four.

“It really is a monster difference with new windows,” said Walton. You’re basically doubling your R-value with triple glaze windows. They’re warmer, quieter, and they reduce any condensation that may occur.”

Northwood Window and Door Centre does not manufacture the windows it sells. According to Walton, the company acts like a broker, focusing more on getting you the best quality and price for the type of windows that best suit your need. To make that happen, they work with six different window manufacturing companies including top quality names like Stage Windows, Andersen, and Canadian made Bigfoot aluminum windows.

“Our slogan is ‘quality in the details.’ The biggest thing we strive to do is to do the job correctly,” said Walton. “That starts with the initial in-house consultation to learn our clients needs and wants. Next we do a proper final measurement to ensure everything is sized correctly. Our professional installers are all trained on the specific products and needs of the job allowing us to strive for the best possible outcome. We’re doing tailor-made, almost bespoke custom installation. We’re in a competitive market and people in North Bay are cost conscious. We’re trying to meet the needs of our clients, and if there are any issues we have two service technicians on staff to remedy any issues.”

The springtime special on upgrades to triple-pane windows runs until the end of May. Walton suggests anyone considering an upgrade should call now for a no-obligation quote.

Visit Northwood Window and Door Centre, a family-owned and operated local business since 1998, at 1030 Lakeshore drive. Or visit them online at