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The Hero you need this summer

Enjoy your property mosquito-free, thanks to Mosquito Hero

With this spring and summer’s unusually wet weather, conditions have been ideal for mosquitos but unbearable for anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors. In our neck of the woods, the mosquitos have been thick at all times of the day and night.

If you're looking to reclaim your property and fully enjoy it throughout our entire (albeit short) summer, you need Mosquito Hero Sudbury.

As a subsidiary of the trusted and reliable Weed Man brand, Mosquito Hero’s services are helping people living in Sudbury and the surrounding region enjoy summer without the incessant annoyance of pesky mosquitoes. Their products and services help people at their homes, camps, cottages and businesses eliminate mosquitos, one safe and effective treatment at a time.

Whether you want to enjoy nights on the deck or around the fire pit, enjoy the outdoor patio at a restaurant, or need a one-time treatment for your outdoor wedding, Mosquito Hero has the solution.

Using only products and application methods that are effective and safe (as approved by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency), the results are guaranteed and long-lasting. This is regardless of whether or not neighbouring properties are treated, due to the “invisible fence” or barrier that is created to discourage mosquitoes from entering your treated property.

“The interest and response from our various markets across the region have been fantastic and our customers are thrilled with the results,” said Mitch Gammon, General Manager at Mosquito Hero.

“From leafy backyards in the heart of the city to camps, cottages, lodges, campgrounds and outdoor dining patios, our ability to control the local mosquito population has made us a hero to many.”

Service begins when a trained technician arrives on your property to identify areas where mosquitoes are known to live, breed and hide. This includes underneath decks, covered porches, and exterior stairwells, areas lush with vegetation or containing standing bodies of water where mosquitoes might flourish.

Once identified, the technician will outline your options for short or long-term treatment and apply a liquid-based formula to the identified mosquito hotspots.

“A full-service program consists of five sprays over the course of the season starting in May and provides coverage until the end of September, with each service being effective for roughly 30 days,” added Gammon.

“At that point, we strategically provide another application. No matter when you start your program during the summer, satisfaction is guaranteed. Any customer not fully satisfied within the first 14 days of product application receives a re-treatment at no additional cost”.

Costs are based on the customer’s lot size and start at $75/treatment, with the first treatment provided for only $34.95. At a cost of only $1.83 per day (base price for a standard-sized lot) for an entire season of service, the added value to your property is immeasurable.

Whether you want a one-time spray so you can be the perfect backyard barbeque host or a series of monthly treatments to tackle a stubborn mosquito population once and for all, we are the heroes you need.

Contact us now for a free quote by emailing [email protected] today.