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The buzz about mosquito control

Discover how Mosquito Hero can save your summer

The bane of planning summer events in outdoor spaces is dealing with insect pests that can easily ruin your wedding reception, special event, or weekend gathering with friends and family.

Mosquitos are public enemy number one, and without properly dealing with the problem, they can ruin your entire summer.

There are steps you can take to virtually eliminate your mosquito problem for the entire season, and the first step is contacting Mosquito Hero.

“When you sign up for seasonal coverage, you get an entire summer of protection along with our Service Satisfaction Guarantee, all for $149.99,” said Mitch Gammon, General Manager at Mosquito Hero. “We’re in the height of summer weather and that means mosquitos are out in full force. The buzz about our treatment program is real. Mosquito Hero can help eliminate your problem.”

As a subsidiary of the Weed Man brand, Mosquito Hero was launched to ensure people living in Northern Ontario and the surrounding region can enjoy summer without the incessant annoyance of being eaten alive. This treatment is easily applied to the outdoor spaces in which you’ll be spending time enjoying your summer, reducing mosquito hotspots where these pests are known to hide and breed.

Service begins when a trained technician arrives on your property to identify any areas where mosquitos are known to live, breed and hide. This includes underneath decks, covered porches, and exterior stairwells, areas lush with vegetation or containing standing bodies of water in which mosquitos might flourish.

“The application process is simple and our program means you get an entire season of protection once we’ve sprayed the targeted outdoor spaces,” said Gammon. “People are often skeptical, thinking that it’s impossible to eliminate mosquitos from feeding on you and your family. The fact is, Mosquito Hero works. People who have signed up for the program quickly discover how effective Mosquito Hero is as a solution.”

Gammon said that Mosquito Hero can be used in combination with other efforts including landscaping using plants that naturally repel mosquitos or burning citronella while enjoying time outside. However, Mosquito Hero is the most effective option for tackling your mosquito problem head on.

There is plenty of time left to be enjoying your outdoor spaces, so it’s not too late to connect with Mosquito Hero. Take advantage of their current promotion offering season-long coverage starting at $149.99 plus HST.

For more information call Mitch at (705) 561-6274. Or email Mosquito Hero at [email protected].