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The benefits of becoming a Water Depot franchisee

High-demand water treatment industry a strong growth market
Water Depot Spotlight image_May 2021

People who become franchisees and successfully run their own businesses come from every type of background. Refreshingly, there is no one typical candidate. 

Many who operate one of Water Depot’s franchises were drawn to the work because of their interest in becoming an entrepreneur; others, because of their interest in the environment, environmental sciences or even plumbing. 

“People come from all walks of life,” says Donna Wilson, Marketing Manager. “Many are just interested in sales and service, in building relationships with clients in a way that will help improve the quality of peoples’ lives.”

Several are attracted by the prospect of self-employment and the opportunity to be their own boss. Just as many like the fact that they are helping the people in their community with both the quality of their water and the quality of their lives. 

There’s also a lot to learn, which keeps things interesting; franchisees learn new things every day, about equipment, sales, service, science and water treatment technology.

Franchisees help people improve their in-home water quality through the sales, installation and servicing of water treatment equipment. It’s a service-based industry that has seen a steady increase in growth over the last several years. 

A career in water treatment can be immensely satisfying. You’re helping families achieve clean and clear drinking water, which many find quite meaningful. The demand is also great: every home, business and family need clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in. 

Water Depot provides franchisees with general training, equipment training and sales training. You can also train to be a water operator. This opportunity is available through the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, a provincial government organization. Water Depot encourages franchisees to become a small water operator and covers the cost. 

“The other challenge is that obviously in any retail environment you’ve got competition, you’ve got to build your customer base,” says Wilson. “But Water Depot is there with a marketing plan and with training the whole way along.”

Many franchisees also forge friendships of their own. At the company’s annual general meeting, business owners talk to each other about their experiences and what works. They workshop, share ideas and participate in breakout sessions. 

Quite a few own more than one location. “It’s not uncommon for our franchisees to own multiple stores,” explains Wilson. “Three is actually more common than two at this stage. What we’re seeing is people recognize they can service a larger area. Once they get their footing, they feel this is a good, viable business and they can branch out.”

The water treatment industry qualifies as an essential business. It has not been adversely affected by government lockdowns and the restrictions that have been put in place because the service they provide is a critical one: they are providing people with potable water. It’s one of the rare businesses that has continued to grow and even thrive since the start of the pandemic.

There’s also the sheer scale of need. In Ontario, many people live in rural communities or own cottage properties. Water treatment is required in both municipal and rural areas. Rural or cottage properties especially often come with their own drinking water challenges, with a primary water source that is often a well, lake or river.

Water Depot is Ontario’s number-one rated and recognized water treatment and filtration franchise. The first store opened in Barrie in 1989 and has grown to 36 locations throughout the province. The company’s success is based on trusted, quality products, a sound marketing strategy and training that enables every franchisee to succeed.

The company is currently looking for individuals who are interested in owning a franchise in a sustainable, high-demand industry with low-risk investment. Areas of growth include Sudbury, North Bay, Belleville, Kingston, St. Catharines, London, Collingwood, Midland, Keswick and Milton. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a Water Depot franchise owner, please request more information.