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Switching to propane as the main heating source is easy and affordable

Convert your residence or business and see the benefits
Vertical propane tank MEI branded HIRES

With awareness of climate change at an all-time high, the use of alternative energy sources is a common topic of both residential and commercial property owners. One of the top considerations of home, camp, cottage or business owners is making the switch to propane as a primary heating source. According to experts, there are a variety of good reasons to make the conversion to propane. 

“Propane is the natural, economical choice when it comes to providing exceptional home heating and home comfort solutions,” said Steve McLeod, Director of Home Heat Sales at McDougall Energy. “It can also reduce your electricity bill by powering other appliances around your home, camp, or cottage.”

As a leading provider of propane conversion solutions, McDougall Energy offers an Automatic Fuel Delivery option backed by a No Run Out guarantee* and easy payment budget plans in a variety of areas including Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Manitoulin Island, North Bay, Owen Sound, Brantford and area and Kingston and area.

“These plans are designed to offer clients considering the switch to propane complete peace of mind when it comes to supply,” said Darin Evoy, Director of Service at McDougall Energy. “The goal is to maximize propane usage in homes and businesses that will help lessen the need for electricity and strain on the provincial supply. 

Switching over to propane from a primary heating source such as oil or electricity requires a new furnace and a propane tank installation. Once complete the benefits begin immediately. For starters, propane is a high-efficiency heating fuel that is a more affordable option when compared to electricity and heating oil. In addition to providing efficient home heating, propane can be used for appliances including your kitchen range, water heater, clothes dryer, fireplace, oven, BBQ etc. Much the same as Natural Gas; Propane is a non-toxic, clean-burning fuel with low carbon emissions.

“A reputable HVAC company should be able to help with your conversion,” said Evoy. “At McDougall Energy, for example, we have dedicated territory managers and local teams that support customers in each region. We can meet with any customer regarding a propane conversion to talk about the benefits, costs, and details involved in making the switch.” As well as connect them with a competent, certified HVAC company if an appliance installation is required. 

One of the biggest advantages of making the switch to McDougall according to McLeod is the convenience offered by the company’s myAccount online customer portal. This customer service platform allows customers to manage and optimize their fuel investment by providing 24/7 access to delivery, pricing, and invoicing information. Customers can stay on top of their fuel usage and cost at any time. If there are any questions, the local territory managers and account managers are always there to help customers find answers. 

For more information on propane heating and cooling systems, visit McDougall Energy online at

*Terms and conditions apply please visit for full details.