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Six human needs drive every decision you make

Why you did the things you did during the pandemic

The pandemic has upended the lives of most Canadians and ushered in a wave of anxieties. The challenges of illness and isolation compromised their feelings of well-being.

Hoss Notarkesh is an executive business coach and certified life strategist, who is also a former senior corporate healthcare executive. He helps people achieve their full potential through understanding the six universal human needs.

Six universal human needs


People need certainty to feel secure and safe about the future. Hoss said, “During the first few months of the pandemic, everyone was panicking because of the uncertainty. Normal routines were disrupted. People were seeking certainty through any channel, hoping to find the certainty and comfort that they craved.” As an example, shoppers were hoarding goods from grocery stores to maintain a level of certainty.

Some people used their faith as a powerful and positive vehicle to feel safe and secure, while others turned to alcohol and drugs.


Variety is the need for people to change their state. People with a need for variety often change jobs and relationships. But Hoss said the need for variety can change in an instant, “I’ve seen people who crave variety but then get divorced and feel like their life is wrecked. At that point they’re looking for comfort, security, and routine.”


Significance is the need to feel recognized in some way. People want to make a difference because making a difference is extremely satisfying. Using the protest in Ottawa as an example, Hoss said, “The protesters were reacting because they felt their rights were being violated. That reaction brought them some satisfaction because they’ve voiced their concerns and they feel some sense of significance.”


Connection/Love involves developing close relationships with people. Individuals need love which can lead to incredibly fulfilling relationships. Humans need to feel connected with someone or something Hoss said, “Connection may take the form of love or more merely intense engagement.”


Growth is always striving to be better and to learn more. People motivated by growth tend to move on when they’re no longer challenged. Hoss said, “Everything in the universe is either growing or dying. People are not spiritually satisfied unless their capacities are expanding.”


The secret to living is giving. People cannot survive without the contributions of others; People cannot feel fulfilled unless they are contributing to others.

Throughout the pandemic, the needs for growth and contribution were put on pause and often superseded by the needs for certainty and connection. With their world turned upside down, people came to Hoss looking for help. The vehicles they were using to meet their needs were destructive. Their anxieties and addictions were exposed.

This has been a period marked by loss; the loss of a loved one, a job, a business, and a loss of identity. Hoss said many people are questioning whether the path they are currently on is the right path for them. They’re looking for a new roadmap to take them to a place to fulfill their human needs.

In the Strategic Life Coaching Plan, Hoss uses data to create a roadmap designed to enhance a person’s quality of life, which reignites their passion for fulfillment while discovering who they are.

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