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Shopping for cannabis: Which strain to try next?

The owner of Northern Zen Cannabis helps by explaining some key factors that can help you to find your next favourite strain

Since cannabis became legal here in Canada, the selection has been growing steadily. With so many choices available, sometimes it can be tricky trying to decide which strain of cannabis to try next.

According to Zachary Lacelle, owner and operator of Northern Zen Cannabis in North Bay, many of his customers ask for help choosing from their large selection.

“We carry so many different strains of cannabis in a wide range of formats and that can overwhelm people sometimes. Our team here at Northern Zen is really good at asking the right questions that helps us to recommend products for people who are having trouble deciding,” he says.

There are a few different factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new type of cannabis to try. The percentage of THC as well as terpenes and method of consumption are all important to consider.

THC/CBD Percentages

Luckily, products are well labelled here in Ontario. The percentage of THC is listed clearly on the label of each cannabis product. This number indicates the product’s potency.

“Most strains have between 15% and 25% THC, but they can go up to 33%,” explains Zachary. “We suggest people start with a lower potency and slowly increase it until they find the level they prefer.”


Terpenes are another element that may influence people’s preferences. These are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are found in many different types of plants. In cannabis, they can influence the smell and the taste of different products. Cannabis terpenes can be categorized in a number of ways including earthy, cheesy, woodsy, spicy, or floral.

“If someone can explain a smell or taste that they experienced with a type of cannabis that they enjoyed in the past, we can help them find another product that has similar terpenes,” says Zachary.

Consumption Methods

On top of choosing the strain of cannabis to try next, there are also a number of consumption methods available. Smoking and vaping are very popular. For individuals who would rather not inhale, there are edible snacks and drinks, concentrated oils, and even capsules.

“People also have their favourite way to consume cannabis. Some people want to roll and smoke a joint every time while others prefer a cannabis beverage,” Zachary says. “Finding your favourite type of cannabis is really a personal choice. Everyone experiences it differently but the more types you try, the more you will come to understand what your preferences are.”

If you are unsure about what type of cannabis to try next, speak with one of the experienced budtenders at Northern Zen Cannabis. They are experienced and knowledgeable about all of their products and can help you to discover new experiences.

For more information, visit the helpful team at Northern Zen Cannabis which is located at 76 Osprey Miikan in North Bay. You can also shop online or visit them on Instagram and Facebook.