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Serenity Now Psychotherapy helps adults through its mental health and addiction services

Clients can choose virtual or in-person therapy sessions to suit their needs

Serenity Now Psychotherapy is a counselling practice in North Bay, helping people struggling with addictions, mental health, grief and loss, trauma, abuse, workplace-related stressors and interpersonal issues.

Crystal Buchar, a registered Psychotherapist, who established her practice, Serenity Now Psychotherapy, earlier this year, has spent the last 20 years counselling and advocating for people. She holds a four-year honours degree in psychology and a diploma in social service work. She is registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and is a member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP).

Buchar has been working in the social work industry since 2001.

"I've always just been drawn to helping people. And I love talking with people and hearing their stories, and it's an honour to hear them. Hence, it was a natural progression to why I wanted to do that (psychotherapy). I also find it incredibly courageous and inspiring when people seek help." said Buchar.

Buchar offers virtual psychotherapy sessions under her practice. She focuses her practice on adults who struggle with trauma, addictions, attachment issues, or personal stresses, like divorce and job loss.

She also performs standardized assessments in order to refer people to other treatment centers for more comprehensive treatment in regards to addiction support. She also has a corporate side to her practice, by facilitating wellness seminars in the workplace.

While in-person counselling is beneficial, Buchar also highlighted how virtual services enabled people to access counselling services anywhere, particularly during a pandemic, and reports being contacted by clients who live across Ontario.

Get in touch with Crystal online, via email, call her at 1-877-938-0876 or text her at 705-910-5371.