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Northland Furs: Restyling, storing, and protecting your investment for life

Fur can be passed from one generation to the next with proper storage and maintenance

Northland Furs provides restoration, restyling, cleaning, fur insurance, and storage for North Bay and area clients. Each fur is handled expertly and with professional care by a team that knows the cultural, historical, and emotional significance each piece can have.

Irene Nicolaou knows that the word “fur” can stir up a lot of emotions. For some, it is great-grandmother’s cherished coat that has been handed down for generations. For others, it is an item they don’t wish to wear but have no idea what to do with. She also knows that some feel synthetic fur is a kinder option over pelts.

“It is important to remember,” says Nicolaou, “that fur is green. It’s a natural product that supports nose-to-tail usage. The fur industry supports a lot of Indigenous families and is a very rich part of our Canadian identity. It is a product that you can use again and again and when you don’t want to use it anymore you can compost it. It is not going to harm the earth or the environment. Fake furs fibers end up in lakes and landfills, so which is the greener choice? We see a lot of vintage fur coats that are heirloom items and have been in the family for years. A real pelt can be cleaned and restyled, meaning, it lasts a lifetime.”

Just what is restyling?

“Restyling is when you upcycle an old coat by taking it apart and giving it a new shape, style, or purpose. We can turn an old coat into a differently styled coat, or into a vest. Or, if you don’t want to wear it as a garment, we can turn the coat into a pillow, throw, or rug,” says Nicolaou. “Many people choose our restyling option to preserve an heirloom item while enjoying it in a way that is best suited for the new owner.”

She continues, “There a lot of people that have fur coats sitting in a closet that don’t know what to do with them. We service North Bay and area, and can make arrangements for people to ship their furs to us so they don’t have to come in. We can store or restyle the fur and ship it back.”

Northland Furs stresses the importance of proper storage.

“Storing furs with Northland protects the piece from moths, pests, and humidity. We inspect each piece as it comes into storage so we can address rips, moths, or other issues. A climate-controlled environment is important for the longevity of the fur. We recognize that it is an investment but when properly cared for, fur lasts a lifetime.”

Nicolaou continues, “In addition to storage and restyling, we offer cleaning and conditioning to help ensure lifetime usage. Based on how often the fur is worn, we outline a plan for yearly, every two years, etc. cleaning and conditioning of the pelt. Also, we are local and do our own storage. No third party is involved. Sometimes when dealing with a furrier you don’t know where they are storing. With us, you do.”

Northland Furs is proud of its history and team that has more than 25 years of working together. Northland’s professionals take the time to get to know each client and each piece, and ensure every item is handled with the care and respect it deserves.

“We are a generational company servicing generational clients,” smiles Nicolaou. “We keep a history of the furs so we know what we have done and where the furs have been.”

Clients and potential clients can check out Northland Furs in person when they attend hotel events.

At these events, Northland team members pick up furs, sell furs, and answer questions. This allows people in areas with no access to furriers to get the specialised care they need for their coats.

One such event takes place on May 6 and 7 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sudbury. Be sure to check out this storage drop off/restyle event to learn more about the services available that keep your fur in excellent condition for life.

“We pride ourselves on buying skins and materials locally and from ethical sources,” concludes Nicolaou. “We always stand behind our products and services and respect the process and furs from start to finish.”

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