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Northern Security brings cutting edge business solutions to North Bay

Northern Security provides a full spectrum of home and business products and services
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The city of North Bay is back in business. From retail outlets to professional services to manufacturing facilities, local businesses are bustling and the North Bay economy is enjoying a much needed post-pandemic boost.

For many commercial owners and operators, this also brings about unique security challenges.

Today’s business model demands more stringent protocols in social distancing, capacity restrictions and, with more and more staff working from home, the options for limited on-site personnel to easily monitor who can enter the premises. Northern Security is ready to meet those challenges with new and innovative products and services.

The Northern Security storefront at 310 McIntyre Street West is a popular choice for residential and commercial security products and services, such as automotive key-cutting and security hardware.

Owner Mike Pagnutti stays at the leading edge with a product line that includes state of the art web-based solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of the North Bay corporate, commercial and retail communities.

“We are so happy to see that offices are opening up and the downtown core is coming alive,” says Pagnutti. “Even though there are more people coming downtown on a daily basis, the businesses are not as fully staffed as they once were. For example, there are solutions we can put in place when there may not always be a receptionist at the counter.”

One of those solutions is a Bluetooth-enabled security system that provides remote access using a web-based smartphone app. Schlage NDE wireless lock systems offer ease of use and flexibility while providing unprecedented security.

After initial installation, individual users will download the software and use their smart devices as their credentials – basically replacing a traditional key or key card with a web-based app – and present their device for the lock to open. For added security, each user must present authentication before gaining access.

Business operators and commercial property owners enjoy full flexibility in terms of setup and user designation.

“We can set this up so it’s on the main entrance of a multi-unit office tower, then control it down to the door. So everyone with access can come in the front door either 24/7 or during set hours, but can only access individual offices or shared spaces,” Pagnutti explains.

And, when a staff member is no longer working in that space, the system can be updated immediately to remove their individual access. “No more lost keys, and security is constantly monitored.”

Northern Security provides the hardware and installation, and educates owners and staff on proper usage. Once the system is in place, management and personnel can easily monitor and update as needed, with customer support always available.

The North Bay office is fully staffed for local installations and emergency service, with additional backup crew on call to meet the needs of the local business community.

“More and more people are back, working where they should be on a daily basis. The business landscape has changed, and we’re constantly searching for the best solution to help our customers protect what matters most.”

In addition to corporate and retail security, Northern Security provides a full spectrum of home and business products and services including vehicle key cutting and programming, new and existing lock rekeying, high-security key cutting and master key system creation & monitoring, safe and door hardware sales and services.

To learn more call Northern Security at 705-476-2254.