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Northern College offering five highly-regarded Veterinary-related diploma programs and certificates

Northern College prides itself in creating close-knit and productive learning environments with caps on the numbers of learners in each class and lab so that you – the student – is first.

For so many of us, our first experience with true, unconditional love comes reflected in the eyes of our dearest pets. 

Whether it’s the family dog who is eager and waiting to shower you in love and attention, a cat whose reluctant but ready affection lifts your heart after a tough day, or the fish who knows nothing beyond its aquarium but whose contentment with their spot on the planet presence brings solace and companionship, pets have made a tremendous difference to many of our lives, particularly over these past few months.

So, what if you could make that feeling a larger part of your life? What if you could make that feeling your whole life, or at least, your professional life?

What if you decided to attend Northern College in Haileybury for a Veterinary Sciences program? 

If you did so, you’d find yourself learning alongside some cute, furry companions that await you in the beautiful community of Haileybury, a picturesque century-old frontier town looking out onto the breathtaking Lake Temiskaming, providing a view you won’t find anywhere else in Ontario.  As that awe-inspiring vista of cottage country stretches out before you, you’ll fall in love with the gorgeous and healing natural world that surrounds you, with swathes of rolling farmland dotted with bails of hay and crops ready for harvest, giving way to the densely packed Boreal forests of Northern’s backyard, home to countless pristine lakes and sparkling rivers, meandering roads and groomed trails – with endless miles of awesome adventure right at your doorstep.

But it will be in the classroom where you truly realize the wonderful path you’ve put yourself on, studying in state-of-the-art facilities, balancing theory with a first-class experience-based learning environment that will push you to both hone your skills and reinforce your passion to caring for the animal world.

Northern College offers five highly-regarded Veterinary-related diploma programs and certificates, including Animal Grooming, Veterinary Assistant and Technician, Companion Animal Rehabilitation and Wildlife Rehabilitation, providing students like you with a variety of educational options tailor to fit your personal and professional aspirations.

Northern College prides itself in creating close-knit and productive learning environments with caps on the numbers of learners in each class and lab so that you – the student – is first. You’ll find yourself working closely alongside your peers at your own work station, developing the kind of lasting friendships that foster a passion for Veterinary Sciences that will weather a lifetime. You will be on a first name basis with your professors and members of staff on campus, and you’ll come to call Haileybury your home away from home (unless you’re from Haileybury of course, then it will just be home) creating a college experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

As you work to build your skillset, you’ll also be working closely with Northern’s foster program, which brings in animals in need and provides them with the care and support they require to qualify for adoption, making the world a better place for all creatures, great and small. In most cases, this means a student like you opens their heart and their home to a little life in need; we don’t plan it this way, animals just happen to have that effect on us.

In addition to all of this, Northern College has a 100 per cent employee satisfaction rate, which means a couple of wonderful things for you. First, it indicates that most of our grads find work in their fields of study very quickly after wrapping up their schooling.  Second, it means that the skills you learn in our classrooms and labs are directly related to the work you’ll be doing as a professional, which is what a strong college education is all about.

Visit for more information on what a Northern education has to offer you or reach out to our admissions department at [email protected].

At Northern College, we believe in and welcome you.

We’re proud to be North and proud to be Northern!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!