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Metal roofing adds security, value to your home

Increasing cost of asphalt shingles makes metal a more viable option

Short term pain for long term gain. It’s a concept that suggests that putting forth some extra effort, enduring some mild inconvenience, or incurring some additional expense at the beginning of a new venture, often winds up paying significant dividends well into the future. It’s true with fitness programs, and it’s also true when it comes to putting a new metal roof on your house. 

Most property owners opt to install asphalt shingles on their roof, given the fact they are usually the cheapest option. Depending on the variety and the manufacturer, asphalt shingles often come with warranty claims of up to 50 years, making them an appealing option for budget-conscious consumers. 

However, going with the cheapest option is not always the best decision according to Adam Wayne, sales manager at Sudbury’s Roof Pros Plus. 

“We’ve noticed in the last 15 to 20 years that asphalt roofing, the normal roof that a lot of homeowners choose, are failing a lot more prematurely than ever before,” said Wayne. “In truth, a roof with 25-year shingles on it typically lasts for only eight to 12 years.”

Ever-increasing extremes in Canadian winter and summer weather as the result of climate change is a primary reason why a typical 25-year asphalt shingle rarely lasts the full length of its life expectancy. Another reason is the manufacturing process. Wayne says asbestos used to be a key ingredient in more durable asphalt shingles. That changed in the early 1980s when the Canadian government banned the use of asbestos in all building materials in Canada. 

“Because of that, manufacturers had to go to organic materials and other less durable types of materials in their shingles,” said Wayne. “As a result, they started prematurely failing. You’re starting to see more and more of this happening.”

Strength, durability, and versatility are three of the common characteristics inherent in metal shingles. The metal shingles preferred by Roof Pro Plus, for example, are Canadian-made in Brampton and feature a unique four-way lock system that ensures there are no exposed fasteners. This protects them against moisture intrusion, heavy rains, snow and high winds; in fact, they’re guaranteed in writing to withstand wind speeds of up to 196 kilometres per hour – about the speed of a category two hurricane. Add the fact that metal roofing hasn’t suffered the same spiralling increases in costs that have affected asphalt shingles, and Wayne says metal shingles are just the better choice for a new roof.  

“One of the many benefits of installing a metal roof is the longevity,” said Wayne. “You do it once and you never have to do it again. You have complete peace of mind from the very beginning. Additionally, the price of metal roofing hasn’t changed. It hasn’t gone up and it hasn’t gone down. Asphalt shingles have gone up so much that metal is now a viable and affordable solution. Plus it lasts up to five times longer.”

Another added benefit to metal shingles is the flexibility of the warranty, which is still binding even if the house gets sold.

“Metal shingles come with a transferable warranty,” said Wayne. “It’s 100 per cent transferable and it’s non-pro-rated. Asphalt singles all come with a pro-rated warranty. That means every year you’re losing a percentage of your warranty. With metal roofing, the warranty continues when the house is sold. And whether it’s the first year, 30th year or 50th year, the warranty is still guaranteed.”

Cost remains the biggest reason why some property owners continue to choose asphalt over metal. However, the short-term pain of higher cost certainly pays off down the road in terms of the equity it adds to your home. 

“There is a little bit of an investment that needs to be made at the beginning,” said Wayne. “But put metal shingles on and you’ll reduce the temperature in your attic by 30 per cent. And you’ll add six per cent value onto your home on resale.”

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