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Local Employment Services Provider Helps Young People Find Work

Youth Job Connection Summer Program Supports Both Youth and Employers

As a trusted employment service provider in the North Bay area, Yes Employment (Yes) helps people of all ages get training, access post-secondary education and find work. Yes is also focused on supporting youth through specific programs such as the Youth Job Connection Summer program (YJCS) aimed at those ages 15 – 18.

What is the YJCS program?

The YJCS program helps youth overcome barriers to employment and assist them with making the initial transition to the workforce.

The program functions in two ways: it helps students ages 15 – 18 to find employment and employers find youth who are looking for work. Yes supports the program by matching youth that have minimal work experience with employers seeking entry-level summer students. 

YJCS provides 20-hours of pre-employment training to teach youth about some of the things they need to know in order to increase their chances of securing summer work. During the program, Yes covers such things as ESA/employer expectations, work health and safety, budgeting, soft skills and more.

Who should apply?

The YJCS program is designed to help youth who are overcoming barriers or experiencing challenging life situations, therefore preventing them from entering the workforce. Barriers and/or challenges may include troubles in school, at home or with the legal system.

How much and how long is the program?

The YJCS program is free of charge and runs the length of the high school break. Participants are compensated for attending the 20-hours of workshops, which end the last week of June. Job placements begin at the beginning of July and end at the end of August, just in time for students to go back to school.

What should youth know when looking for a summer job?

It’s important for youth to get out there and apply! By handing out lots of resumes, youth can increase their chances of getting hired. Yes also suggests job seekers talk to the adults they know to find out who might be hiring. Learning to network is an important skill that youth should acquire. Yes can help with resume building and the job application process. The agency also encourages youth to explore opportunities outside of the typical fast food or retail industries. 

Why types of work should youth focus on?

Those who already have a career in mind should focus on finding work within their desired field and building their transferable skills. For youth who don’t quite know what they want to do, Yes encourages an open-mind and being open to opportunities that could provide direction to a future career. 

Yes Director of Operations Jordie Leggett says, “We have success with many students still maintaining work hours throughout the school year if it’s a good fit for both youth and employer. Through the YJCS program, we reimburse employers a part of the youths’ wages to allow them time to train as well as give them a chance to compete with other students that have more skills and a better chance of gaining employment.”

He adds, “For students who don’t fit the YJCS program, we have a Resource Counsellor who can assist them and a website where we post summer jobs for employers. At Yes, we can provide resume tips as well as interview and job search techniques. We also have a YouTube channel with a selection of videos to assist youth with their job search.”

Ready to get started or want more information? Contact Yes Employment Services at 705-476-3234 or [email protected].