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Local employment service provider helps youth and employers connect

Building community by hiring youth
BayToday Spotlight image_Yes Employment_Feb 15, 2021

Yes Employment North Bay (Yes) is an employment service provider that helps individuals of all ages secure employment, get training and access post-secondary education. Yes also strongly supports employment programs and training for youth. Employment Consultants from the organization’s Youth Job Connection and Youth Pathways program emphasize that hiring youth builds the North Bay community and helps them to visualize their future.

Why hire youth?

In addition to helping youth gain a sense of responsibility, employers can also support them in building self-esteem and leadership skills. All of these aspects ultimately help youth to become better community members and world citizens. Hiring youth builds a healthy North Bay community as those hired feel a sense of purpose and belonging and are more likely to contribute to their community in healthy ways.  

Little to no work experience? No problem!

While many North Bay youth may have little to no work experience, Yes says, “Everyone has to start somewhere. By hiring inexperienced youth, employers can help break the cyclical pattern of not having experience. In doing so, employers are giving youth the experience they need now. Youth who are able to secure meaningful employment will have the opportunity to grow into future leaders. Employers are also giving them the quality experience needed to take over positions of people retiring.” As well, hiring youth with little to no work experience can be advantageous. During training, employers won’t have to deal with employees that bring with them old experiences or bad habits that compete with new lessons or procedures. 

Another benefit of hiring youth is to build the economy. The money they earn while working gets spent and injected back into local businesses and events. Yes points out that age diversity is necessary and beneficial as youth will bring new ideas and ways of thinking to local businesses.  

Things to consider when hiring youth

  • Keep the possible generation gap in mind. There will be a difference in the philosophies and knowledge of each generation. Employers must try to meet in the middle and use the gap to their advantage – all generations can learn from each other!  
  • Provide youth with a mentor or a ‘go-to’ person.
  • Gain knowledge about the youths’ learning styles and background by asking open-ended questions, especially at the start of employment.
  • Spend time getting to know what they know and how they learn best. In doing so, employers will be able to train thoroughly and effectively.  

How Yes can help youth and employers

  • The organization hosts a variety of programs aimed at youth.
  • Employment Consultants work with Job Developers to match youth and employers based on interest and need.
  • Often employers are able to access placements with incentives to offset the cost of training youth with little to no experience.
  • Employment Consultants follow up with youth to re-iterate feedback and guidance, reducing some of the work of trainers/supervisors.
  • Through YES, youth can access start up supports like safety equipment, CPIC or transportation that would otherwise cause an employer to possibly overlook them for a more experienced candidate.
  • Some youth participate in pre-employment training that focuses on better preparing them with essential and soft skills so employers can focus on training the hard skills.

Yes offers a wide range of programs with varying levels of support and assistance. From one-on-one support to employability skills workshops to placements, Employment Consultants work with youth to prepare them for what to expect at the work place as well as acting as a guide and resource through the whole job search and retention process. 

Youth are often more reliable when they feel like they belong and have purpose. Investing in youth produces individuals who invest and are reliable.   

Are you looking for employment or to gain skills that make you more employable? Are you an employer looking to hire youth? For more information, contact Yes Employment Services at 705-476-3234 or