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iskwē brings From the Stars Tour To Northern Ontario

A singer, musician, performer, and storyteller, the Juno Award winning iskwē released her self-titled debut in 2013

iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ (short for waseskwan iskwew, meaning "blue sky woman") is, among many other things, an artist – a creator and communicator of music and of movement, of pictures, poetry and prose. And through it all, she’s a teller of stories that have impacted our past and will inform our future. Some are her own, some belong to others, and some belong to us all.

iskwē is the inverse of her 2019 album acākosīk, starting with the title which is the English translation of the cree word acākosīk. Where acākosīk is a blaze of sonic exploration, The Stars is an elegant and intimate collection of songs allowing iskwē’s songwriting, voice, and spirit to shine. Where acākosīk demanded our attention, The Stars invites us into an emotional and soulful experience with iskwē.

"When performance opportunities began to evolve last year, I decided to take advantage of a long-overdue dream of reimagining my album acākosīk. I love the simplicity of a Chamber presentation, met by the complexities of each song's individual complexities;" shares iskwē.

"I hope this album brings people whatever it is that they need, whether that be ease, release, joy, sorrow - it's all in there for me, so please enjoy and take what you need!"

A singer, musician, performer, and storyteller, the Juno Award winning iskwē released her self-titled debut in 2013, a work that was based on a foundation of potent, cross-cultural electro-pop. She then followed that up with her heralded 2017 Juno-nominated and Polaris Music Prize Long-Listed The Fight Within. acākosīk, released in 2019, incorporated more intense and urgent tinges of alternative, post-rock, and even industrial.

The cohesive-yet-combustible result tipped a cap to modern innovators like Florence + The Machine and FKA twigs while simultaneously borrowing sounds accumulated over centuries by iskwē’s ree and Métis ancestors. The album was nominated for a Juno Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year and won a Juno for Best Video of the Year for ittle Star.’

skwēs music is laced with traditional Indigenous sounds – sometimes at the forefront, sometimes not – and the artist isn’t shy about her aspirations of expanding the definition of “traditional” with her output.

“We’re shining light on the beauty of our culture,” states iskwē. “And inviting people in to experience it, so tradition can be what we’re starting right now; it’s something that I think is always evolving.”

Her message is arguably most impactful when delivered from the stage, where it’s not uncommon for people to leave in entranced contemplation or even in tears., meant to bring people together and celebrate that which unites over that which divides.

skwē has performed hundreds of shows in Canada and internationally, including Canadian highlights at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill on Canada Day and a triumphant performance , in New York City at the Met and SummerStage in Central Park, and beyond for the King and Queen of Sweden, Reeperbahn in Germany, and Border Crossing’s Origins Festival in England. iskwē is an ambassador for the PRS Keychange initiative.

iskwē is ree Métis from Treaty One Territory. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is an urban indigenous two-spirited woman from the Red River Valley, the birthplace of the Métis Nation.

From The Stars Tour tickets are available at and your local theatre box office.

All shows 7:00 p.m.

Tues. Dec. 14 - Bracebridge - Bracebridge Hall
Wed. Dec 15 - Parry Sound - Stockey Centre
Sun. Dec 19 – Meaford – Meaford Hall