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Hoss Notarkesh helps ignite people’s passion in life

Life strategist hopes to be a bridge between you and your dreams
Hoss Notarkesh (supplied photo)

Hoss Notarkesh is a certified business and life strategist who guides people through their professional and personal journeys while helping them pursue their potential and live more fully each day.

He was a senior executive in the health care industry for nearly two decades. But he gave up a good salary to pursue his own passion, which was helping others find their true desires in life. Notarkesh does this by using his own Proprietary Passion Discovery Process. “I break it down to where people are, where they want to be, and what it takes to get there," he said.

Tapping into the “why”

The process begins with a series of character and behavioral questions designed by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists to get to the heart of who someone is and what excites them in life. The answers connect the dots often revealing a clear picture of where people would like to be. He said, “I tap into people’s why, and that’s how I deliver the business goals they want to achieve.”

For example, Notarkesh has been working with a business executive in his 50s who was bringing home a solid six figure salary but was extremely unhappy in his job. The discovery process confirmed that what the executive really loves doing is working with wood.

Notarkesh helped developed a strategy to realize his dream. Six months ago, the client opened his woodworking shop and is spending more time with his family and making more money than ever.

Notarkesh finds that many people won’t change careers because they’re afraid of being judged, or they fear the unknown.

“Between you and your dream is the unknown. People are afraid to venture from their comfort zone and tap into the unknown," he stressed.

Fear is one obstacle to success, limiting beliefs is another. Notarkesh had been working with an auto mechanic who believed he was losing business because people in his town were too cliquey.

“These are beliefs that will corner you when things are not going your way," Notarkesh said.

He said the mechanic didn’t want to be a shop owner, he wanted to make money.

“The universe doesn’t give you want you want, it gives you what you become so, I help them become what they want to become.”

Making sacrifices for your passion

When it comes to personal goals, Notarkesh asks people to find their purpose in life. Many people depress their true aspirations to satisfy their immediate urges.

For instance, some people will put off the difficult challenge of getting an education for the immediate gratification of having fun. When they get older, they often feel lost and have regrets about not making sacrifices earlier.

“Successful individuals are those who are willing to sacrifice for their passion," Notarkesh said.

The pandemic really put things into perspective for a lot of people. Lost jobs, broken relationships and feelings of despair have thrown many people off track. It has caused them to question where they were and where they want to be. Again, it all comes back to the unknown.

“The unknown is filled with possibilities and opportunities that the universe offers as a gift,” Hoss Notarkesh reminds people. “Life is about experience, specifically the intensity and frequency of that experience.”

He is inviting you to explore the possibilities and opportunities in your life.

If you want to find your passion in life contact Hoss Notarkesh at (416) 931-3238 or visit: