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Buying used vehicles easier online during lockdown offers lowest price guarantee and fast service
BayToday Spotlight

There’s two primary motivations consumers have for buying a vehicle – they either want one, or they need one. Despite the annual December effort car manufacturers make trying to convince us a new car or truck makes an affordable Christmas gift, the fact is car buying decisions are usually more practical in nature. 

With COVID-19 restrictions making shopping in person an almost impractical possibility, people in real need of a vehicle have little alternative but to shop online. Like any consumer category, there are a lot of different online platforms from which to choose; however, for people whose vehicle purchase is based on a need to upgrade, one of the most efficient and practical online platforms for buying pre-owned vehicles is 

“We provide a service for people who are in immediate need of a vehicle,” said Kerry Irven, General Manager of “Having a safe and reliable vehicle in this market and this environment is more important than it’s ever been.” 

The website is an easily navigated, information-rich resource for consumers targeting the best deal they can find on a used vehicle. From the first visit to the site through the moment you take possession of your purchase, is a company built to provide consumers with a seamless purchase experience. Irven says this is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has required the company to adapt to the new reality involved in selling cars.

“Right now, we are open by appointment,” said Irven, who oversees the company’s physical operations in North Bay, Ottawa, Cornwall and Kingston. “We’re practising all safety protocols. We offer driveway service, and we offer delivery.”

Although has a vast inventory of used vehicles, a lowest price guarantee is still one of the company’s most competitive advantages. Irven says all vehicles sold through are hand-picked by the two owners of the company with an expressed purpose.

“We only buy cars that we can guarantee the lowest price one,” he said. “If the car is overpriced in the market, we will not buy it to sell it. We buy in volume, and we have relationships with leasing companies are corporate cars that we negotiate savings on. Then we pass those savings on to the customer. We offer full disclosure on our website, car for car, option for option.”

Irven says strives to make the process of buying a car as easy as possible, which is not always the case when trying to buy a new car from a dealership.

“We have a process for everything to ensure that paper and people and automobiles can move forward as seamlessly and flawlessly as possible. In some cases you can be in your car in 24 hours. Our goal is to help people buy cars. I don’t have to sell them.”

For more information, or to view the current available inventory, visit