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Authentic employees are a key to success at Northern Zen

Larry Newton, Wylden Ray, and Rachelle Quesnel round out Northern Zen's team of helpful and friendly employees

For Zachary Lacelle, owner of Northern Zen Cannabis, his staff are an important part of why his business is a success. Larry Newton, Wylden Ray, and Rachelle Quesnel round out his team of helpful and friendly employees. 

“Larry is the General Manager here at Northern Zen and he was my childhood friend. Wylden has been able to help out at the store on and off over the past year and Rachelle is our newest staff member. Together, the team is able to offer great service and create an incredibly friendly atmosphere for our customers,” says Zachary. 

A Smiling Face Through the Difficulties of COVID

“Larry has always been a very positive person who always makes people laugh. He’s been working with me for over a year now and I can’t thank him enough for keeping me motivated and for keeping the customers smiling. He knows a lot about the products and is a big help for many people who rely on his recommendations,” says Zachary. “Larry worked with me through the pandemic lockdowns and I’ll never be able to thank him enough for that. He put his own life at risk to keep my business running.” 

Friendly Staff Who Know Their Product

According to Larry, he loves seeing familiar faces and meeting new people through his work at Northern Zen Cannabis. “My favourite part of the job is talking to customers about various products. It is always great to hear feedback and stories about smoking good weed,” he says. “When we first opened, getting used to all the different products was tricky, but I worked hard to learn and had a lot of fun in the process. I hope to see Northern Zen keep growing and it is always cool to see new people. Party on!” 

You can visit Zachary, Larry, Wylden, and Rachelle at Northern Zen Cannabis which is located at 76 Osprey Miikan in North Bay or check them out virtually on Facebook, Instagram, or shop online.