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Algoma University launches two new graduate programs

Bridging science and technology

Located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Algoma University is proud to announce the introduction of two new graduate programs at the Master of Science level. The Master of Science in Biology (Msc Biology) and Master of Science in Computer Science offers students exciting opportunities for advanced education and specialization.

Dr. Michael Twiss. Dean, Faculty of Science at Algoma University, says “We have designed exciting and rigorous graduate programs to serve societal needs in our region of northern Ontario. Teaching Assistantships, which provide funds to pay for tuition and a personal stipend, are available for qualifying students.”

Master of Science in Biology

The MSc Biology program is a thesis-based program designed for graduates of four-year Bachelor of Science programs. This two-year program focuses on effective science communication and provides students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.

The program emphasizes expanding and advancing knowledge in the field of biological sciences, with a special focus on environmental biology. Graduates of this program can pursue careers in various fields, including ecology, toxicology and plant physiology. They can also continue their academic journey by pursuing a Ph.D. or work as environmental technicians in industry, government or academic laboratories.

Master of Computer Science

The Master of Computer Science program is a course-based program designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology (IT), or related areas.

This program aims to prepare students with expertise in software engineering, cybersecurity, software systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence and IT. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics that are in high demand in today's technology-driven world.

Graduates of this program can expect diverse career opportunities in various sectors of the economy. From cybersecurity in banking and industry to data analytics in education and health, the job prospects are vast and promising.

What sets Algoma University's graduate programs apart?

In addition to its unique offerings and partnerships, Algoma University is the only location in Ontario, between Sudbury and Thunder Bay, where students can obtain a postgraduate degree.

The university's location in Sault Ste Marie provides students with excellent opportunities to engage with the natural environment and collaborate with research institutes such as the Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) and the Ontario Forest Research Institute (OFRI). These collaborations support federal and provincial mandates focused on environmental protection and sustainable resource development.

Algoma University has also partnered with Unity Technologies, the creators of 70 per cent of the world's computer game engines. This partnership allows students studying advanced Computer Science at Algoma in Sault Ste Marie and their Brampton campus to specialize in "XR," which refers to the applications of virtual and augmented reality. Beyond computer games, XR has broad applications in researching human behaviour, safety training and communication.

As well, the Department of Psychology at Algoma University is actively working on clinical and experimental-based MSc degrees, which are expected to be offered in the next few years. These additional programs will further enhance the university's graduate offerings and provide students with more opportunities for advanced study and specialization.

Twiss says, “Prospective students should consider Algoma University's new graduate degree programs for several reasons. First, the university boasts a highly research-active faculty in Biology and Environmental Science. Collaborations with research institutes like GLFC and OFRI allow students to work on sophisticated research projects and build valuable connections for future employment. Second, the computer science program at Algoma focuses on cutting-edge areas such as artificial intelligence, XR, information technology, data analytics and software engineering. Graduates will possess the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.”

Registration for graduate programs at Algoma University is ongoing. The first cohort of students for the MSc Biology program will begin this fall, while the first cohort for the Master of Computer Science program is scheduled to start in January 2024.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit the university’s website for more information and to apply.