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Affordability and heart

Rental City North Bay is holding an appreciation event to say thanks

Rental City North Bay has held an anniversary event and customer appreciation sale every June since 2005. The event offers free barbequed hotdogs, hamburgers and beverages and fun outdoor activities over two days.

Rental City offers furniture, appliances and electronics for purchase, rent or rent to own, making your buying or rental decision much more flexible and affordable.

Where everybody knows your name

Nathan Sauve, store manager at Rental City North Bay, said he and his team always try to give back to their customers and community. 

“What we do versus other furniture stores,” Sauve said. “We don't see that customer once. We will see that customer for two years. On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. So we develop a lot of relationships.”

Sauve said he’s worked with his team to create a welcoming environment akin to the TV show Cheers—yelling out a customer’s name, making a spectacle of them stopping by.

Since Rental City North Bay’s inception 17 years ago, Sauve’s said he’s watched customers' kids grow up and become customers. 

“They come in, and we ask how the kids are doing in college and stuff. It's a very different atmosphere than a regular retail place.”

He said it’s always their goal to be on a first-name basis with all of their customers. And he and his team always make sure customers are happier leaving than when they came in.

“Whether they buy something or not, like whether they're coming in to make a payment or whether they're coming in just to browse. I want everybody coming in to feel comfortable.” 

But his customers have been there for him, too. During the lockdown and amid the turbulent layoffs and rehires, Sauve’s customers have been there the whole time, checking in on him and sometimes even offering to grab him coffee or lunch.

Customer appreciation barbeque

To say thanks and mark 17 years, Rental City North Bay holds its customer appreciation barbeque this June 17 and 18. 

There will be food, drinks, water balloon fights, and activities for the kids. Sauve is even trying to source a dunk tank.

“I don't know if it's going to happen. I'm sure people would love to dunk me in the pool. I know my wife will line up.”

Sauve said everyone is welcome to stop by for some free food and fun.

More options to serve their community

To further meet the need of its customers, Rental City North Bay has introduced new payment options over the past year and a half, giving customers more flexibility to pay off their purchases quicker. 

Now, you can have up to 120 days to pay off your purchase with no additional fees. Or, while an item is on rent, it is fully warranted and always comes with free delivery and installation. 

You can contact Sauve at Rental City North Bay today and learn more about their flexible rent-to-own options or just to say 'hi'. 

You can also stop by their location during their customer appreciation event. Sauve said he’s looking forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces.