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OPINION: Trappers say thank you

Lots of thank you's to go around from Trappers AAA hockey
20190403 trappers AAA crest

The North Bay & District Trappers AAA Hockey Association is thrilled to see the success that the program and its six elite teams have had over the past few years.  

We would like to take the time to give a sincere thank you to the hard working coaches, managers, trainers and volunteers for their time and commitment they have put in to their respective teams.  Success does not occur without them.   

The Association also wants to send another thank you to the community support the six teams have received through sponsorship.  Be it contributions a business is giving to help offset players fees or the bigger commitment of team sponsorship.   

The businesses that support the program play an incredibly important role in allowing the program to grow.     

We cannot forget to say thank you to the other local hockey associations that develop the players that come to our programs.  Without them, AAA hockey could not exist.  

Thank you as well goes to all the arenas and rink staff that make this great game possible.   

The North Bay & District Trappers AAA Hockey Association Executive Committee