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Poll Results

What is the top local news story of 2021?

Snowmobile trails, outdoor rinks and sliding hills closed by the Medical Officer of Health  74 votes 7.84%
Lakeshore Drive murder; Bradley Armstrong killed in a condo unit on Lakeshore Drive  21 votes 2.22%
COVID-19 freedom protests  28 votes 2.97%
Local COVID vaccine rollout  86 votes 9.11%
Sands Motel on McIntyre demolished 18 votes 1.91%
City of North Bay wins title of most secretive municipality in Canada 215 votes 22.78%
Midas Muffler downtown fire  15 votes 1.59%
Man stabbed with syringe in Low Barrier Shelter on Chippewa St. 8 votes 0.85%
Invest North Bay contract scandal 50 votes 5.30%
New Year's homicide (Jeff Twain) 26 votes 2.75%
local opioid deaths fifth highest in the province 56 votes 5.93%
COVID: Quebec closes border to Ontario residents 18 votes 1.91%
Stewart's Decorating ordered closed by Health Unit 17 votes 1.80%
Tent cit/homeless on Second Ave 20 votes 2.12%
$5 David Bowie painting sells for over $100,000 34 votes 3.60%
COVID outbreak closes North Bay jail 8 votes 0.85%
Cassellholme: board resignations, cost, delays 45 votes 4.77%
Two women dead in South River plane crash 4 votes 0.42%
Councillor Tignanelli resigns, takes a City job with economic development 1 vote 0.11%
Rota wins re-election, keeps Speaker of the House job 24 votes 2.54%
ESA Algonquin anti-semitic TikTok video rocks Ecole Algonquin 25 votes 2.65%
Local firefighter injured by knife assault 6 votes 0.64%
Silence of the lambs. Councillors sit on their hands to avoid embarrassing mayor over integrity commissioner's report 106 votes 11.23%
North Bay woman victim of home same building 15 votes 1.59%
Security staff hired to keep the homeless out of area high school 24 votes 2.54%

Total votes: 944

The poll is a sampling of public opinion intended solely to allow our readers to express themselves on issues of the day. Its findings may not be representative of the general population of North Bay or other areas.