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FULLERTON, David Francis

David F. Fullerton, 71, of North Fort Myers, Florida, died Tuesday, October 21, 2003 following surgery done in October 2. At the time of his death he was being cared for at the Hope Hospice in Cape Coral by his wife, family members and staff. He was born June 12, 1932 to John and Ethel (Lavery) Fullerton in Quetta, India. His father was stationed there with the British military. When David was three, the family returned to England where he wad educated in London and Scollard until age 16 when they immigrated to North Bay, Ontario, where he completed his education. He worked in the forestry industry for 45 years, retiring to Florida in 1995. He loved woodworking, built a few houses and a cottage. He was also renowned for his athletic abilites in football, basketball and track and field. He loved and was loved by wife Muriel Wills. They married in Florida on November 12, 1998. Surviving from his first marriage are seven children, Steve (Georgina) Fullerton, Jane (Bob) Austin, Grant (Judy) Fullerton, Teena (Homer) Geerlsma, Pam (Mark Edwards) Clarke, Helena-Mae (Robert) Poltras and Debbie (Sarah) Fullerton. He also leaves behind 11 grandchildren (Elizabeth and Ford Morland, Jessica and Charles Fullerton, Diane, Daniel and David Charron, Robyn and Mathew Clarke, Judith and Veronique Poitras), along with three sisters, Molly Boys, Betty Thomson and Violet Fullerton. In death he rejoined his parents and a brother, Jack Fullerton. Memorial service will be conducted to McGUINTY FUNERAL HOME, Saturday at 11 am. Donations to the North Bay Crisis Centre would be gratefully apreciated.

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