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Yes Training Trust Fund Awards ceremony recognizes local young people

This year, 11 young people were each awarded a $500 bursary
2019 Yes Training Trust Fund Awards
Yes Training Trust Fund Awards. Sub,itted

Yes Employment Services held its 19th annual Yes Training Trust Fund awards ceremony on Thursday, May 10. The purpose of this awards ceremony is to recognize local young people who have identified their career goals and have made short and long-term plans to reach that goal.

The keynote speech was from Morgan Bentley, who shared her inspiring story of how she persevered through the traumatic circumstances and events of her youth to become a successful young adult with a busy career in the film industry.

Her message to young people is that despite the circumstances you are born into, you have the power to make your own way for yourself.

“Where I came from isn’t as important as where I’m going,” says Bentley.

This year, 11 young people were each awarded a $500 bursary. Winners all have a story about how they overcame significant barriers on the path to achieving their career goals.

This year the recipients were Austin Collins, Jaspher Lott, Mitchell Madsen, Ryan Matthews, Tanner Kellar, Anwar Jabr, Gabrielle MacMillan, Jordan Alexander, Meagan Dagg, Preston Robinson, and Tiana Walsh.

At this same ceremony, two local employers were honoured for providing outstanding training or employment opportunities for local youth:  Di Corp and gd2go.

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce received the John Lewis Memorial Award, which recognizes a non-profit that has been a meaningful partner to Yes Employment Services. 

John Lewis, a pioneer board member of Yes Employment Services, was an exceptional community volunteer.