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White Water Gallery has a new executive director

Originally from Red Lake Ontario, Strapp is a Red River Metis and was raised on Nohkum’s dial-up internet
20210329 Rihkee Strapp, white water
Rihkee Strapp is the new executive director of the White Water Gallery. Supplied.

In 2011, Rihkee Strapp applied for a first exhibition assistance grant through the White Water Gallery as an emerging artist.

Originally from Red Lake Ontario, Strapp is a Red River Metis and was raised on Nohkum’s dial-up internet. 

Strapp is an alumni of the Studio [Y] fellowship at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, North America's largest urban innovation hub.

“One of the most widely talked about art mediums right now are Non-Fungible Tokens being sold on the blockchain. There is a depth of conversations to be had around how regional artists can take advantage of this new technology, the ethics of its environmental impacts, and ultimately how blockchain technology is poised to disrupt how we do finance. This new technology has the possibility of bringing greater transparency and accountability to the arts market.” 

"Currently on exhibition at the White Water Gallery website and available for download and play is “Invaders,” a 2015 take of the 1978 classic video game Space Invaders that was previously exhibited as a part of IMAGINATIVE. In LaPensée’s version, Judd’s modified photos of the Native archers with their bows pointed to the sky contrast with the 8-bit depictions of aliens which reference the original game," says a news release.

Still very much a part of the team, Mitchell Ellam has shifted into the role of Programming Director. He is excited to work alongside Strapp in bringing the Arts to the Nipissing Region. Mitchell is Oji-Cree of Brunswick House First Nation.

"Concerns about policy, law and treaty rights also inform his artistic practice to create work addressing present issues concerning Indigenous peoples face in Canada today," says the release.