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Tractor trailer driver charged after hitting a snow plow

A westbound tractor-trailer tried to pass the snowplow in the right lane
2015 11 23 snow plow 2 turl

Police have charged the driver of a transport that hit a snow plow, causing Highway 17 to be closed last week.

On January 7, shortly after 8:30 a.m., OPP officers were called to a collision involving two vehicles near the junction of Highway 17 in the Village of Spragge within the Township of the North Shore.

An investigation determined that a snowplow was westbound Highway 17 on the passing lane plowing the left lane. 

A westbound tractor-trailer tried to pass the snowplow in the right lane. As the tractor-trailer was overtaking the snowplow it came in contact with the wing of the plow causing the snowplow to enter the eastbound lane and slide into a guardrail. 

There were no injuries but a tow was required for the snowplow.

As a result, Angel Skinner, 42 from Brampton, was issued a provincial offence notice and charged with: Pass on Right-Not in Safety.

  • Snow plows by their very design can cause extensive damage or even death if involved in a collision. The average speed of a plow is well below the posted speed limit. This is because the truck has to slow down to clear the roadway safely. Ahead of the plow is untreated and often very slippery roads and passing one is a risky manoeuvre.
  • Keep a safe distance behind working snow plows. Snow plows often travel slowly because they are removing snow, spreading salt or sand, and applying liquid anti-ice to roadways. Move aside - Snowplows often drive along the centerline of a roadway to remove snow. If you are approaching a snow plow from the opposite direction, shift right if conditions allow, ensuring there is enough space for them to pass you safely.
  • It is important for all motorists to allow operators the room to work.  Be patient and slow down. And remember, without the snow plow operators doing their jobs, we wouldn't be able to get around!