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The emergency backup goalie, Is a forty-two-year-old chap; He plays in nets as the Leafs practice, As at the puck the players slap.
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The Carolina goalie went down hurt,

Then got back up again;

But was unable to continue,

So he left the game in pain.


Their second goalie got run over,

When he was 'way out of the net;

By a speedy Toronto player,

Going as fast as he could get.


It was hockey night in Canada,

It happened on Saturday night;

A backup goalie stepped up to the plate,

And things were going right.


Not only did he step up to the plate,

He stepped up to the blue painted ice;

And enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame,

His performance would more than suffice.


So they called up the backup goalie,

To suit up and play the game;

And try to perform a miracle,

For the Carolina Hurricanes.


He wore a blue ‘Marly’ helmet,

And matching gloves and pads;

He was going to try to save this game,

For the Carolina Hurricane lads.


Toronto fired ten pucks at him,

And he only let two of them in;

Carolina won the game six to three,

It was a one in a million win.


The emergency backup goalie,

Is a forty-two year old chap;

He plays in nets as the Leafs practice,

As at the puck the players slap.


They needed the backup goalie,

This had never been done before;

To finish the game with Toronto,

And try not to let them score.


Now he’s the talk of the world of sports,

As well as the talk of the town;

He’s back making ice in Toronto,

And drives the Zamboni all around.


There’s another side to this story,

That many did not know;

David, the goalie, had a kidney transplant,

Over fifteen years ago.


His mother was the donor,

Their kidneys matched just fine;

They were very happy about this result,

And how their lives entwine.


David supports a charity,

He always likes to pay back;

To the Kidney Foundation of Canada,

Who helped get him back on track.


There has been some T-shirts made up,

With David’s number and name;

Over one thousand have been printed,

Because of Saturday night’s hockey game.


A portion of his T-shirt sales ,

Will go to the Kidney Foundation;

David is very satisfied with this,

And all this new adoration.


He’s a practice goalie with Toronto,

And he will be playing again today;

Stopping the pucks that come his way,

In a game that he loves to play.


David’s wife is very happy and proud,

And so is his mother too;

When David played that special game,

And defeated the boys in blue.


Canadians should be very proud,

Of this middle aged Canuck;

After facing many challenges in life,

Can still stop lightning-fast pucks!


Bob Bartlett,

North Bay